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Recruitment Management  System
08/19/2018 16:37:08
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PGT / TGT के अतिरिक्त ३० अंको का केन्द्रवार प्राप्तांक
  1. EMRS Anuppur
  2. EMRS Badwani
  3. EMRS Betul
  4. EMRS Dindori
  5. EMRS Ghansore
  6. EMRS Junnardeo
  7. EMRS Kukshi
  8. EMRS Pali umariya
  9. EMRS Sailana
  10. EMRS Sijhora
  11. EMRS Tansar
  12. EMRS Thandla
About the Recruitment Management System

Welcome to recruitment management System. You will be able to view the details of all the notices released by the Tribal Development Dept for the recruitment of the staff in various offfices/schools/institutions under it.

Presently the recruitment for the posts of PGT, TGT, Music and Craft teachers for Eklavya Model Residential Schools is in progress.

Interested candidates can view the advertisement, download the application form and submit the same to the concerned schools.

Candidates can also track the status of their application using the 'TRACK STATUS' Link.

All the EMRS schools have been provided login and passwords for managing the entire process of recruitment.
1. Applications received
2. Accept/Temporary Reject/Permanent Reject the applications
3. Marking the Details of Candidates ABSENT in Written Exams

For details, instructs shall be issued by the EMRS cell of tribal department